Keeping score

Each day, after completed pieces are moved from the shop Peter goes to the bulletin board, breaks out a sharpie and marks in a few more boxes. Each box designates a stage of a feature under construction. Coloring it in the boxes lets everyone know how we are doing with the project. 

Sometimes the features are built in stages because of their size. One such project is the large pirate ship. The bulk of the project is done and ready to put in the container but only the top portion of two masts are yet to be finished. This means the ship boxes on the chart are not yet colored past the welding stage, even though the ship is actually 95% done. This motivates everyone to get those last bits done.

feature schedule.png

Without a doubt there is plenty yet to do on this project, but we have also made great progress to date. Peter is keeping close tabs on our progress. 

Dan SawatzkyComment