Playing house

It was without a doubt a very busy and productive day in the shop. The welding machines were kept busy on a variety of tasks. I finished off (with Sarah's help) the Pike sculpt and was happy with the result.

pike sculpt finished.png

The painting crew finished off the treehouse building which looks pretty cool. They added the skull and cross wrenches on each side in a weathered dry brush technique with an aging glaze over. It adds some very interesting detail to the piece and takes the piece over the top. THANKS to our crew for a great job! 

treehouse main finished.png

The roof for the treehouse has been in production for a long time and today a big milestone was achieved. We started with a welded steel frame. Recycled plastic boards (no chance of rot or bugs getting it in Trinidad) were screwed to the frame. Matt did that big job. Then the pencil rod inner structure was welded into place. Yesterday the boys attached the lath making it ready for the concrete sculpting today. Jenessa and Angie carved the bamboo support structure and did a geat job. Here's a pic just as they were finishing the cleanup at the end of the day. 

treehouse roof sculpt.png
treehouse roof.png

Once the faux bamboo structure is painted the roof will be flipped back in the upright position and then we'll fasten on the thatched roof to make it totally tropical. I can hardly wait to see it all together! It's going to look spectacular when it is all assembled in Trinidad!

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