Pike - part one

I spent an enjoyable day doing the first part of the sculpt of Pike. Sarah did the tough job of mixing the Abracadabra Sculpt. This was a little different than most of the sculpts I do as it was more like a double sided low relief. This means there was some distortion in the thickness of the sculpted figure to make it fit within the four inches of the sign. Due to meetings through the day I was able to only do about 3/4 of the project today. The rest will follow tomorrow.

The back of the sign will only be partially visible to those in line for the train but I still included lots of detail to reward those who take the time to look.

pike closeup rear.png

It was fun to incorporate all the different textures in the soft epoxy using a variety of unusual tools

pike sculpt closeup front.png
pike sculpt day 1.png

This sign is going to be really fun with all of the colors applied. The painting crew is looking forward to the task! Stay tuned...

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