All aboard!

We are slowly working our way through the attraction signs and they are all a great deal of fun! Most will feature one of the lovable Gruffles of course. A current project is the sign for the Skallywag Railway which features PIKE, the engineer.

railway sign.png

The sign was cut in four layers and laminated up with a sturdy welded frame inside. This sign is designed to go through a hurricane should one go through the area. The hangers were welded to the structural frame of the sign post as well as a lower brace. In this picture Jack is doing the final welding on that brace to finish off the required structure. From here on all the work will be cosmetic.

welding skallywag railway sign.png

Once Jack had finished his work I did the carving on the edges and surfaces to add the final texture. 

railway sign ready for sculpting.png

Tomorrow I'll begin my favorite part - the sculpting of the figure. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment