One last time

One of the purposes of our visit to Trinidad was to verify all the elements of the project. As we walked the perimeter of the property it became apparent that the border didn't jive with the survey we had in our possession. We asked for one final survey indicating the true dimensions of the property which we got late yesterday. Sure enough things had changed significantly in a number of places. This meant I spent the day redrawing the master plan one last time.

Redrawing the masterplan meant we had to shuffle various things to fit within the new boundaries. It was also one last opportunity to take a good look at every detail and make sure everything worked together as it should. Each element was tweaked at least a little and some a lot. The result is a good plan that allows for lots of traffic. We even managed to find enough property to allow the addition of one more ride or attraction in the future.

This plan will now be given to the Trinidad achitect to shuffle all of the elements as necessary while he makes sure everything is up to local code. It is almost time to begin onsite construction!

Dan SawatzkyComment