Last look at bare

Today was our last visit onsite before we head back to work in the studio once more. Even since our arrival in Trinidad the site was changing. The temporary fencing postsare now up almost entirely around the site. In a few days gravel trucks will be rolling across the landscape and the trees we are not able to use (largely because of big grade changes) will be gone. Within weeks footings will be poured and walls will begin rising. I'll return for a quick visit sometime in February to check on progress and in March the climbing wall and many of the large features will be craned into their final place. By the end of March and into April it will begin to look a great deal like a magical theme park landscape. It is going to be very exciting!

Today, as I stood on the seaside boardwalk in front of where the entrance would be I could easily see it all in my mind and it looked pretty fine!

view through entry proposed.png

This is going to be VERY cool!! Stay tuned for the exciting adventure...

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