Imagining the future

It was another busy day in Trinidad with more meetings and scoping out the worksite in detail. The final survey will happen tomorrow allowing us to make the final tweaks to the plans. This coming week it is our hope to see gravel being hauled onto the site to begin the preliminary grading. The first concrete footings should happen early in the new year. 

Meanwhile work continues elsewhere including in Italy where the second and third ride are being fabricated. Last week in Orlando we rode a similar ride and while we were there the prototype ride vehicle was released for our approval. The band around the bottom of the barrel still needs to be detailed and the seat will be painted gold but it already looks very cool! We gave them an enthusiastic thumbs up!

prototype barrel car.png

As we walked the site again today I was reminded of when we first walked the land on previous projects. In spite of the land being flat and bare I could easily imagine the site with all of the buildings, rides, attractions and landscaping in place. I could hear the music, smell the flowers and hear excited people enjoying themselves. What I could see, smell, hear and feel in my imagination insired me to press on. This is going to be a spectacular project when we are done. Stay tuned as we make it so over the next year...

Dan SawatzkyComment