Singing in the rain!

When we started this project in Trinidad they told us there were two seasons locally... dry and wet. It turns out we are currently in wet season. In our many years of building projects I've seen lots of rain and plenty of mud but today was the wettest and muddiest of all by a good margin. Thankfully the day was very warm and the rain was actually pleasant. If one has to get absolutely soaked in the rain I would choose to do it in the Caribbean as I didn't get cold at all. The mud was as sticky as ever. Doing a quick layout on the ground proved to be a bit of a challenge. Since Peter had the highest gumboots we sent him to the deeper puddles. :)

peter layig out in the rain.png

We actually got a lot done and did manage to solve some of the site challenges despite the rain.

site layout 2.png

Before the rain and real work began it was time for some TV interviews which are to be used to reveal the project to the public next month. Both Peter and I took our turn before the camera - complete with speaking parts.

interview 3.png

The rest of the day was filled with very productive meetings and great meals with our hosts. Tomorrow we begin again with a full schedule planned. Stay tuned...

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