More concrete mud

Yesterday was a big sculpting day to make sure the painters had plenty to do through next week. The first operator's booth is now sculpted and ready for the next steps. Peter, Hailey and I are enroute to attend the massive theme park trade show in Florida this coming week and one of the things we will source there is sythetic thatch for the roofs of a few of the features including this booth. We've already selected a thatch we like online but there is nothing quite like actually seeing it in person and handling it to make sure it is exactly what we are looking for.

operator booth 1 sculpted.jpg

The last balance beam for the Treasure Quest kid's play area also got sculpted yesterday. Imagine the fun kids will have as they walk the undulating log and try their hand at pulling out the giant cutlas!

large balance beam sculpted.jpg

The forked log feature for hole six was also done. It is be placed perfectly to make golfing this hole a bit more of a tougher challenge.

forked log mudded.jpg

There's more of course but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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