Packing - day two

The second container arrived this morning. These things are massive, forty feet long and weighing in at just over 8,000 pounds. Our driver dropped the container in a hurry right where we wanted it and was on her way.

second container.jpg

A short while later John came back with his crane to slide in the KRAKEN. The fanciful submarine weighed in at 7,500 pounds. The space was tight between the two containers and our first try at flying the KRAKEN in fairly high was unsuccessful. It was too wide to go in that high.

flying sub 1.jpg

So we set the KRAKEN down and nudged the container over. Our second attempt at flying it in at a lower altitde worked like a charm.

flying sub.jpg

The first shipping container is now full and the second one is well under way to being the same. The parking lot is quickly emptying of finished pieces while in the shop the crew is busy creating a whole new crop.

Dan SawatzkyComment