Packing for a BIG journey

The first giant shipping container is now almost full. It's not like packing a moving van with some boxes and furniture for these features are so massively heavy. Simply wrapping them in bubble wrap and stuffing them into the container nice and tight wouldn't do any good. We don't know what they will encounter in their 7163 kilometer journey to Trinidad.

We have welded a sturdy frame for each piece and then securely bolted the built-in tabs of each feature to it. The frames for each feature interlock to ensure no possibility of movement anlong the way. The giant bins are packed from the front to the rear doors, one piece at a time. It's a painstaking process as the boys weld each frame and make sure everything is bolted securely in place.

seacan almost full.png

Tomorrow they drop off the second container which will hold the KRAKEN and a bunch of smaller pieces. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment