Pure gold

As each day passes, more coats of paint go on and each piece comes to life bit by bit. Now as the final glazes and bits of color are applied to the treasure in the dirtbank and the shovel they are almost completely done. There's plenty of small details in this piece such as the stray gold coin in the dirt by the shovel. This pair of pieces have become one of those quiet screamers, telling the story so effectively. Once the piece is put into it's permanent home and the landscape is tucked around it the treasure and shovel will look like they've been recently abandoned by whomever discovered the treasure, which is still there for the taking. This two piece feature will be visible close up from the golf and only a few feet away from the train.

shovel almost done.png
treasure in dirt base coats on.png

Another framework is quickly coming together for one of the Gruffle houses.It looks simple at this stage but this will be a good sized piece with lots of fun detail.

ship structure.png

Tomorrow the crew is off for Rememberance Day but the crane truck will be here and Peter and I will load the ship into the first container. It is going to be exciting. Stay tuned...

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