Art directing from afar

While we work on the project for Trinidad in our studio there are also people working on the project half a world away. The three large rides are being manufactured in Italy. In the last months there have been many emails, sharing details of the rides, both what they can provide and what we want. The spinning coaster is to be customized the most of the three. The ride track has been extended on one of the loops to allow the tower ride to fit into the middle. The artists in Italy are also creating a custom car to better fit the ride into the theme of the park. A broken barrel best suited the overall stock shape of the cars which we can't alter.

I sketched up the idea and sent it off to Italy.

Now as they begin the build of the ride they must first build a prototype of the new car body. The barrel, outerportion will be built around a stock seat and frame mechanism. Once we OK the idea they then pull a mould and then produce the cars. This past week I recieved photos of the rough sculpt. It looks great!

The medallion which we sent over last week has now arrived and they will produce a mould of this as well and incorporate it into the sides of each car.

This kind of monumental project is definitely a team effort. Many who work on the project I will never meet or communicate with save for shared emails. Just the same everyone is adding to the magic we are creating and I appreciate their efforts.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment