It's a team effort

While I get a good amount of credit for the work that comes out of the shop the truth is that many people work on just about every piece. The two tiki pieces that were sculpted today are a good example of this. I did the design for the Scurvy tiki while Peter designed the Dudley tiki. Jack welded up the primary structures. Peter did the pencil rod armatures with some help from Matt. Matt Philip and Marty tied on the wire. Marty mixed the concrete and he and Peter troweled it on. The carving was a team effort with Peter, Janessa, Marty, Angie and I all doing parts of these two pieces. The painting will involve the rest of our crew before they are done.

The Dudley tiki is a wonderful example of the art. Comprised of three carved timbers, stout ropes will be wound around the junction to make it 'hold' together. The large eye bolts 'driven' into the back of the top log will be used to fasten the knotted rope dreadlocks. Once painted this piece will be very dramatic.

The Scurvy tiki is also a lot of fun with lots of small details that add to the story.

Thanks to everyone's efforts each and every piece we do is much better than any one person could do alone.

-grampa dan 

Dan SawatzkyComment