Sculpting Magic

As usual after two workshops in a row I sit exhausted but happy. The last three days have gone by in a blur. Fourteen people attended the Sculpture Magic Workshop this go around. With Peter, Bec, and Matt helping with the teaching and attending to the needs of our guests it went smoothly. In the house Janis and her crew cooked delicious meals and snacks to keep everyone nourished and happy. Each day the workshop hours were from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm (or later) Each morning when I came out of the house shortly afer 7:30 there were people eagerly waiting for me to unlock the door of the shop and we had to shoo them out each night.

Besides the lectures and field trips we had plenty to do. Each student painted small plaques, sculpted two concrete sample boards, welded, wired and sculpted a concrete tree, and sculpted an animal head using sculpting epoxy. It is amazing to watch fourteen people accomplishing what many previously thought impossible. Each was given the same assignment and then used their imaginations to produce very different solutions. Our job as teachers was simply to enable and encourage. The result was pure magic!

Each group we host in our workshops is memorable for different reasons. This one will be remembered for their passion and eagerness to create wonderful things. Thank you to each person who attended. Thankyou for your willingness to paticipate whole heartedly and for adding to everyone's experience by sharing and helping at every turn.

Dan SawatzkyComment