Last day in port

The painting crew spent the day wrapping up the colors and details on the ship. It went from great to over the top. The fine details they had carefully carved into the concrete came alive as the paints and glazes were applied and finished perfectly.

As with every piece small details added a little humor. The cannon pointed to the bow had a cork stuffed into the barrel. A rope will be tied between the eyelets to provide the punch line.

Every inch of the ship makes me smile. Usually I do not go for skulls and other dark images but we are having a lot of fun with this whole thing.

Beside the ship the poop deck is coming along nicely. It will be in the shop for an extra day.

Tomorrow we'll hook up the tractor and summon the entire crew to guide the ship out of the giant magic doors for the last time.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment