Big ol' tree sculpt done!

With the inside of the log polished off yesterday it was time to do the even larger outside surface today. The weather outside was rainy and cool, so the whole crew was in the shop to give a hand. Three people mixed concrete while the rest troweled it on. With the application of the cement mud the log grew visually yet again. It measures about six feet tall and a little over fourteen feet long. The forked branch is detached until it is set in place and even without that piece in place it measures nine feet wide. It took almost until lunch to mix and trowel on the concrete. As soon as lunch was over the carving began. As it set up we called more and more crew to help with the carving and before long everyone was busy at the task.

By three-thirty the log was done!

Now we'll let it cure until next week and then we'll begin the painting process. 

Thanks to the crew for another massive effort today! The result is outstanding!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment