Back to work!

Today the worksite up at the lake was back in full swing after the Christmas break. The first order to the day was to deliver the water tower feature. It was built in our shop in three pieces. None of them had been together previous to landing at the site. The trestle base went in flawlessly and looked fabulous. As the second piece slid into place we had to trim one of the steel pipes a tad to make it work but that was accomplished in less than a minute. Chris was already smiling for he loved what he saw.

The water tank was the next order of business and it too went up into place without any problems.

With the installation of each feature it looks more like a theme park each day!

Then it was time to put the rail inspection car into the Wilderness play area.

We were on a roll, so I headed back to the shop for one more load - the cross beam for the front gate. The boys at the site were all warmed up and had the last piece in place in no time.

Later this week we'll hopefully be making some more deliveries to the site. I may soon be able to turn around in our parking lot once more.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment