Job specialists

We have lots of job specialists in our company. Everyone is trained and skilled at an assortment of tasks of course. And everyone is more than willing to put down what they are doing to give someone else a hand if they need it. But when a specialized task needs doing a particular person is given the call. If there's heavy lifting the big and strong guys step to the front. If there is structural welding that is my job. Four others can weld the pencil rod frames as required. Tricky upside down applications of the fiberglass reinforced concrete are best handled by three of four members of the crew. Consistent mixing of our secret blend of concrete is done by a select group on the crew. 

One specialist on our crew is in charge of keeping things neat and tidy - a never ending task. Another specialist is in charge of making sure the paint and brushes are ordered before we need them. Working at great heights is handled by a select group of specialists. If an electrical cord or power tool fails our electrical specialist steps in to fix things up in a hurry.A couple of the crew know how to pull apart the plumbing under the sink to get the drains flowing once again. There are a host of jobs that require the special skills particular crew are good at doing.

Today, when the concrete under the treehouse needed sponging and some woodgrain carved in, the call went out to our small space specialist Jenessa. She is skilled at the fine detail work but also is the slimmest member of the crew. The space under the trehouse was too tight for most of the others to squeeze under.

Thanks to all of our specialistsfor the great job they do in making our projects the best they can be.

Dan SawatzkyComment