Meeting of the minds

Each evening as the crew loads the tools back into the trailer it is the time for review of the days work. First I go over the day's progress with my crew. Then I meet with Chris to walk the work site, evaluate the work done and spray a few more lines on the ground in planning for the next day's jobs. We discuss where the railings and planters will go, the shape of the pools or sidewalks, where we might place benches for people to rest or a hundred other things. Through the last months we have made counteless changes to the project, all in the hopes of making things flow a little smoother and be more enjoyable for our guests. Today we discussed the latest block work that went in to defined the planters and walkways around the Windmill Drop attraction.

As we shut the site gate to head home Chris asked the same question he does every night. Could he pop into the shop on his way home to look at the day's progress there? And as always the answer is YES! By the time I turn the trailer around in the driveway he pulls in behind me and then comes into the shop eager to see what my crew has accomlished this day. In doing so he now shares my passion for theme work and detail. He spends five or ten minutes carefully looking at each piece and excitedly talks about what order and when they might be installed. It is wonderful to have a customer so interested in what we do. It is also very rare!

Our meetings are more than mere review and planning. They are also a daily celebration of the work done each day by our awesome crews!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment