Waffle Wednesday

A few days ago my crew informed me that Wednesday (today) was a special day. I had no idea why. But they knew that it was in fact WAFFLE WEDNESDAY. And it was best celebrated by having waffles for lunch. Before I could say any different various crew were volunteering to bring the ingredients and plenty of toppings of course. There was chocolate syrup and smarties too for those into that kind of thing. These would not be plain waffles by any means.

Today at lunch time Sarah had the two waffle machines going full blast. There was fresh whipped cream, three kinds of maple syrup, and four different fresh fruit toppings along with the usual peanut butter and regular butter. The waffles kept coming as fast as the crew could dress and devour them.

I now wonder how many times a year it is proper to observe Waffle Wednesdays.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment