Are we winning?

The huge job up at the lake is a lot like a very competitive foot race. My client is in charge of all of the infrastructure work and we are doing the theme work. I liken it to him building the cake and us applying the fancy icing. Obviously the cake needs to be built before we can do our work.

Some of what we are doing can be prefabricated in the shop. In a controlled environment and with all of our tools handy work goes fast. The stockpile of finished pieces grows each week out in the parking lot. As the pieces stack up it puts pressure on my client to put in the footings and foundations to which we will anchor our pieces. Today our crew was starting the concrete work on the next big piece that will be the center support for all of the swinging bridges.

Up the lake our client and his crew (and trades) are also very busy building the project. My client takes great delight with every cubic yard of concrete poured, every cement block laid and every board nailed in place. Each piece puts a little more pressure on our crew to do our part up there. They laid hundreds of concrete blocks and poured many cubic yards of concrete today. This makes it possible for us to do a couple more deliveries of completed features in the coming days.

The race is definitely on but it is more like a relay with the baton constantly being passed back and forth. Our true hope is to all cross the finish line at the same time. :)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment