Bend, weld, cut. Repeat as necessary.

In only three days we have bent, welded, and cut more than a mile of steel. The Wilderness Adventure area is taking shape quickly. Matt, Marty and I spent the entire day under our welding helmets welding up a storm. Brando has also assisted by cutting steel, drilling holes for anchor bolts in the concrete walls and hammering in the anchors. We weld the pencil rod frames to these attachment points.

The framework for the waterfall mountain is substancially complete as are the walkways and planters leading to the cave entrances as well as a large planter on the far side of the pond.

Tomorrow we begin working our way down the retaining walls by the water tower. We'll also deliver the first swinging bridge tower and the small log for the Wilderness Adventure. It has been a very busy and productive week up at the lake and. In the shop the second swinging bridge tower is ready for mud and the tree fort is coming along nicely.  Stay tuned for more progress...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment