Tying a bunch on

This week, with the slightly warmer weather, is going to be largely spent outside up at the project site. Matt, Marty and I are busy welding up thousands of feet of pencil rod frames while the rest of the crew follows behind tying on the diamond lath to what we have assembled. The welding is happening in the Wilderness Adventure area. We are fabricating the structures for the waterfalls and retaining walls. Our goal for the week is to complete most of the retaining walls in this area.

As fast as we can weld the framework, the wiring crew is tying on the lath. They may in fact be gaining on us - just a little. The entire front fence is now ready for mud and the crew is quickly working their way down the ramp to the bumper boats. When they get to the bottom they'll jump to the other side - where we are doing our best to stay one step ahead.

The structures are still somewhat see-through but the final shape is now readily apparent. The park is quickly taking shape. There's five months and one week to go. And counting.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments