Definition of a sign

As the workshops approach I am begining to review my notes and think about the things I am going to teach. Much of what I say hinges around my definition of a sign.

A sign in my book is much more than a flat board with letters stuck on it. Anybody can make that kind of sign and in fact most signs in our world are exactly that. To stand out we have to be much more creative. A sign can be anything that draws attention to our customer's product, service or business. The more creative it is the more effective it can be. It should be a landmark. It should be so cool that everyone want to stand next to it, have their picture taken and then post it to the world wide web. The signs we make should SHOUT - LOOK AT ME -TAKE NOTICE!

You can bet these kinds of signs are challenging. But dreaming them up and building them is WAY more fun than building 'normal' signs. These kinds of signs don't even need words.

Here's a few notable ones we've built in the past...

There's been a lot of others just as imaginative as well.  In my talks with those who come to our studio to take our workshop this is my goal - to shake up their way of thinking so they too can have as much fun as I in dreaming up and creating the most imaginative signs possible.

-grampa dan

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