First sculpted concrete!

In the first four days of our project we have made great progress. I've spent many hours under my welding helmet doing up the structural frames for the wagon and horse, a directional sign, one cactus and the beginnings of another tree. The CNC router is busy routing the first of many signs and other projects are in the beginning stages. I've also been busy with planning meetings and drawing the concept plans for the engineer to look over and comment on. 

The crew has been busy attaching the wire lath onto my welded frames and also finishing up a variety of old projects as we clear the deck for the big one. Plans and preparations are also being carried out for the fast approaching workshops while work continues in the house as well. It's been a little frantic at times.

Today the first piece was mudded and carved. True to style, Peter went a little crazy applying the fiberglass-reninforced-concrete to the entire wagon and two of the wheels. It wasn't set enough to start the carving until about 3:30 so Hailey and I jumped in to help. We were done just afer 5:30 - only one hour of overtime was necessary. The end result was spectacular however and a major milestone was achieved only four days after starting this project.

Chris, the owner, was by shortly after the carving was begun and was all smiles. It's great when a plan comes together! Stay tuned for more progress...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment