Not straight or narrow

As the last details are added to the front of the house it was time to start getting serious about the first stages of the landscaping. The final grades were first established and then we dug in the planter areas. No straight lines were allowed.

Once the edges were defined we carefully placed the bark mulch. It sure cleaned things up in a hurry! The giant trees looked like they had been growing there for centuries.

The concrete for the sidewalks, patio and carport areas and paved driveway will wait until spring to allow everything to properly settle. While we may put in a few of the major shrubs in the next weeks, much of the planting will wait until spring as well. In the meantime the weeds are gone and things look a whole lot neater.

It's looking less and less like a construction zone all the time and it sure feels good!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment