Last adventure of the summer

Today Phoebe and I took time for our last adventure of the summer. She's asked to visit a local fish hatchery every time we drove by it. Today was that day. The tour was self guided and we went from tank to tank admiring all kinds of fish and learning about them. The highlight of the tour was when Phoebe got to feed some rather large fish and even got splashed in the process.

We were having so much fun we decided to add a BONUS adventure to our summer itinerary. A local farm had a petting zoo and it was just up the street. We headed over there for some more fun. Phoebe absolutely loved the animals with the bunnies and chickens being her favorites. The giant pigs got some loving too but they were far too large to hold.

For some added excitement we also tried out the corn cannon. It was AMAZING!

Tomorrow is the last day before shool starts once more, something Phoebe is looking forward to with great anticipation. I have no doubt we'll have many more adventures in the coming fall season and beyond.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment