Another summer gone

It seems like only yesterday we had a whole glorious summer ahead of us. I purposely kept the workload light in the shop so we could spend more time on the house - maybe even finish it off. That turned out to be extremely ambitious and summer went by in a flash. Or so it seemed.

Looking back, a a great deal of work did indeed get accomplished. The inside of the new house is close to done. The old house is gone. The ground is shaped and ready for landscaping. The outside of the new house is getting completed. A couple of weeks ago I wondered if it would ever be truly done. At the end of this week I am routing the last of the trim pieces at last and things are looking pretty good.

I've spent a good part of the summer at my design board planning projects that will take us through next summer and beyond. The upcoming projects are among the most creative we have tackled to date. That is an enviable position to be in for sure.

The last holiday weekend of the season will be spent working on the house with a little time off for one more Phoebe adventure.

Looking out from my studio to the mountain, the trees have started to turn from green to orange. It's just a tinge that is maginfied by the setting sun but it won't be long until the leaves are in their fall glory. The heat of the summer is fading fast. 

As we head into the next season of the year I am thankful for a wonderful summer. It has been one to remember.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment