Reality TV has nothing on us.

Normal in our shop isn't like most other places. We often joke with our crew that if they were to film a reality TV show about the day-to-day goings-on in this place everyone seeing it would think the show contrived and make believe. Weird stuff happens so often in our shop that it really is our form of normal.

We house Pipsqueak Paddocks on our property, a rehabilitation and re-homing centre for miniature horses and small ponies. Our giant scales are often used to weigh in the critters to ensure the proper dose of medications, the shop truck hauls the hay and supplies, the company tractor is used for chores, and our tools are often used to maintain the barn and fences. Occasionally the shop is hastily cleaned and our sturdy welding table pressed into service as an operating theatre. We move to the other end of the shop and work as quietly as we can on those rare occasions.

Today, it was time for surgery on one of the horses. He was too heavy to lift onto the welding table and the weather too inclement to do the surgery outside. So we had to improvise. That is our specialty.

I borrowed neighbor Gord's forklift and we threw down a pallet, then brought out the horse. He was sedated onto the pallet and I gently lifted him to the perfect height for the operation.

The procedure was done under the giant porch roof by the giant magical doors. inside the shop we continued with our work - as per normal.

Life is good.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments