Another summer adventure with Phoebe

At the beginning of each summer season Phoebe and I put together an adventure wish list... four or five places or things we would like to do before summer ends. The Blue Heron Nature Preserve always makes the list as does the Abbotsford International Air Show. This year we added visits to Hell's Gate Airtram, Capilano Suspension Bridge and a fish hatchery.

Last weekend was the airshow which we enjoyed immensely. The weather was perfect, a little cooler than normal but still warm and sunny. Today was the day to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge. We had a leisurely lunch together, then explored all sorts of fun things, walked high in the trees, explored the cliffs and swung above the river on the enormously long and high suspension bridge. We had some ice cream and delicious chocolate mousse too.

It was another wonderful adventure.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment