More signs with a purpose

Between supervising my crew, and making sure the fill and grading of our old house site went smoothly, running for much needed parts from town and a bunch of other chores I spent a bunch of time at my drawing board today. I was on a roll it seems and got four signs designed. The signs will undoubtably be revised some but they capture the spirit of the attractions and the park itself.

The first is for the Trading Post which is situated at the highest point in the walkway through the park. I called it Summit Trading post. It makes use of my favorite kind of negative space - a hole cut in the middle to show some sky through - perfect for a mountain top.

Years ago when we renovated Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall we salvaged a beautiful half carrousel horse. It's been hanging on the wall of my shop ever since - waiting for the perfect project to put it back into service. Chris, the owner of the park was in my studio yesterday and the horse caught his eye. That put the bug in my head to use it here.

The Balloon Adventure sign simply had to have a balloon in it. I modelled it after the ones on the ride, but increased the balloon size substantially. It also begged a passenger and I thought a friendly owl would be appreciated by the kids.

The last sign design I did today was the sign for the BUCKIN' BRONCO ride. Again the theme was obvious but instead of a rodeo horse I chose an unsaddled horse out having a little fun while kicking up a storm. He sports the same grin as the horse on the HAPPY HORSE SALOON, tying that end of the park togeher theme wise.

It is going to be great fun bringing these signs to life, starting in a few short weeks.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments