Blue sky ideas

Visitors to my studio can always tell how busy I am by the state of my desk. Right now it is piled high with reference books, sketches and printouts - all material I am referencing as I design our latest large project. This will keep us busy until next summer without a doubt.

Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf is to become but a small part of a much larger facility called Cultus Lake Adventure Park. In the last weeks I have been busy cranking out page after page of concept sketches, all ideas of what will soon take shape in our shop. Planners, architects, engineers, and a host of trades will all work to make the entire park happen - along with our talented team of course.

The first concepts began with the signs of course, setting the mood for everything to follow...

I'm really eager to show all the fun ideas we are coming up with... but it just isn't time yet. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments