Helping hand

Today was a day set aside for Phoebe and grampa. First we had to carefully plan the events of the day. It was decided we would lay some tile first, then do something fun. Phoebe opted to go to her favorite place, the Blue Heron Nature Reserve, with the hope of catching some snakes or at least an American bullfrog. Apparently, (according to Phoebe's research) American Bullfrogs can eat anything they can fit in their mouths.

But first the tile laying. It went well with Phoebe handing me each tile as I worked my way across the floor. That got old in a hurry and so Phoebe became the tile laying expert, viewing the rows of tile from every angle, especially from up on the bridge to make sure everything was right. She declared me an AWESOME tile layer. I told her to be sure to mention that to grandma.

Once Phoebe had been assured everything was perfectly straight she decided she really wanted to help. She correctly reasoned since I was big I could lay the big tiles and she, being smaller, would lay in the small tiles. So that became the new plan. Phoebe, it turns out, is a fabulous tile layer.

We celebrated by sharing a Coca Cola, something Phoebe is only allowed to have on SPECIAL days. We decided that spending the day together was plenty special and qualified for the treat.

After the tile was laid we journied to the Blue Heron Preserve. The snakes were hiding other places than we looked as were the bullfrogs. But we had a great time exploring while Phoebe told me all she could remember about all sorts of wild animlas and their habitat.

It was a wonderful day in Yarrow.

-grampa dan

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