Bite worse than it's bark?

Samples are defnitely our biggst asset in our shop when it comes to selling imaginative work. They let our customers know the marvelous things we can create for them. I don't believe we can have too many samples.

And yet many sign professionals I run into often tell me they couldn't possibly find the time to create samples. They are simply too busy. In my talks and workshops I explain just how easy it is to find that time. The secret is to spend a few spare minutes working on a project each day- a little at a time. Before long a lot can be accomplished for those spare minutes quickly add up.

This evening I managed to sneak in one hour on my mechanical fish project. An hour goes by pretty quick, especially when we are doing something we love. I did a little sculpting work on the back side of the fish, bringing it almost as complete as the front side. Then it was time for something even more fun. I formed and fit some translucent plastic into the fish's mouth and then sculpted some teeth over this in such a way to allow the red light to spill through. It's a very cool effect! I was looking to make this fish just a little menacing but not terribly scary. Just enough to frighten my fellow competitors. :)

I can hear the 'competition' whimpering for mercy already. :)

-grampa dan