Let there be (MORE) light!

After three very long days onsite at Whistle Punk Hollow, today was worked at a more leisurely pace. Emails were answered, errands were run and the shop was cleaned. We also worked on some small projects. Just before quitting time I managed a few minutes on the mechanical fish.

I hollowed out the eye sockets and inside of the fish. Ping pong balls (cut in half) proved to be the perfect size for the eyeballs of the fish (portholes) With some powerful LED's inserted inside, these eyes glowed beautifully with a wash of blue also coming out from the open hatch in the top of the sub. While I was hollowing out the space for the eyes I also machined slots for the gills (cooling vents) which will glow red (high tech power source) While I was at it I hollowed out the mouth portal. This intake grill (water intake for cooling the high tech power source and also for collecting under-sea samples) will also glow red. I still have to add the red and green running lights on the top of the fish nose (to be turned on when not in combat mode) and also the powerful searchlight.

How many (POWERFUL) LED's I have added will remain confidential and top secret. (This is a competition after all) I have photographically documented the assembly of each component to be revealed after the deadline if need be. Suffice to say there are now many more LED's in this piece than Doug Haffner's fish. :)


The fun continues...

-grampa dan