Laying down the final track

It was another wonderfully sunny and warm day at the golf. I finished painting the big rock and then set to laying track while Sarah and Hailey continued work on the log bridges.

A finishing touch on the rock was the small mine door on the back side that allows access to the pumps for the waterfalls. It sports a rough and weahered woodgrain finish. I decided it needed some lettering and settled on Jeff's Folly Gold mine. (Jeff is one of the owner's - also in charge of the pumps) He often mentions how he's bumped his head on the low door frame and has the scars to prove it. I added 'watch your head' underneath his name.

It took a few hours to fasten down all the track and rail plates for the train but the end result was spectacular and adds a sense of believability to the trestle. I'll be tking lots more pictures in the morning when the light is at it's best.

One more day at the golf will wrap things up nicely. It's been a wonderfully fun project from beginning to end!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment