It's going to take me a day or two to sort through and edit the last bunch of pictures I took today as we painted the last strokes of paint and officially finished Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf.

It was a great project, fun from start to finish in large part because of the delightful clients, Jeff and Janice Kirkman. Low stress and cheerful would be the best way to describe them. In the last six months I made many deliveries, site visits and lately onsite working days. Each time they dropped what they were doing to welcome us and also make our job as easy and quick as possible. It was a great job!

My crew too, cheerfully worked each day, to create the best work we could. We sgared so many laughs and made many happy memories along the way. I wish every project we did went this smooth! 

The end result is spectacular. As we worked onsite the last few days we overheard many favorable comments and many oohs and awes as guest played around us. Just before we left I took this shot which shows the spirit of the place...

We wish the Kirkman's many years of success as they provide a happy place for family and friends to enjoy themselves and play together. Thanks for the opportunity to help you build Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment