To Hell's Gate and back

Each summer Phoebe and I make plans for a number of exciting adventures. Since Phoebe's the kid she gets to pick what these adventures are. One past summer the list (generally four or five items long) included petting a pig - prefferably a baby. We did it too.

This summer's list included multiple vists to the local blue heron reserve, the Abbotsford International Airshow, Hell's Gate Airtram and WhistlePunk Hollow Adventure Golf. Today was the day to go to Hell's Gate, an airtram (cable car) across the narrowest point in the mighty Fraser River. The day dawned bright and clear, perfect for the 90 minute car ride (each way) and day at the attraction. The drive up the Fraser Canyon is spectacular with six tunnels and two large bridges with steep cliffs on all sides. We decided on the way up we would honor our family tradition which is to lift your feet off the floor and hold your breath ALL the way through each of the tunnels. Honking the car horn all the way through was an added thrill - just for fun. Some of the tunnels were long and curved, so long we wondered if we could manage the feat, but Phoebe is very good at holding her breath and had no problem.

We had built a couple of large features at the attraction about six years ago including the large proscenium (entrance). It still looked pretty good. Phoebe was very excited about everything on our trip - except stopping for grampa to get a picture on the way in.

Phoebe was very brave as the boarded the tram, happily standing near the front window to get the best possible view all the way down the 700 vertical feet we travelled. 

Phoebe thoroughly enjoyed the attraction, especially the natural history museum atthe lower area of Hells Gate.

Now it's time to look forward to the next adventure of the summer...

-grampa dan

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