A day at the beach

Summer is now finally here at last. With the promise of sunshine (after a wet spring) it was time to get to Whistle Punk Hollow and finish off the painting. Because it is a two and a half hour drive one way from our studio I have been reluctant to bring out a painting crew until I knew the weather would be nice for at least three days in a row. Today was that day at last. Hailey and Sarah and I were busy all day until 10:00 this evening brushing on the coats of paint. It was hot and so we took advantage of the cool water flowing through the golf course. Our task was to paint the three bridges and large rock feature - mostly over water. Access was tricky and the only solution was to jump right in and get the job done! :)

It wasn't quite like being at a real beach but we had fun anyway. Tomorrow we'll be back and at it once more.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment