With Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf due to open in a few days and the Parade float due a few days after that we are going full blast in our shop. Sarah and Hailey are busy putting a fresh coat of paint on the float.

Acriss the shop we are busy in the metal working area fabrication the front gates for Whistle Punk Hollow.


One added touch, not shown on any drawings, is a train silhouette that I'm cutting out of plate steel which will be welded to the gates as decoration. It is one more small detail that will make this park extra special.

I hear the owners are very busy in Squamish to wrap up the many details. The pumps are now installed which means the waterfalls are on, bringing the park onne step closer to finish. We head out on Friday (as the weather improves) to do our final painting and installs. I'll be taking lots of pictures!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment