Lessons from a kid

Folks tell me all the time that they have no imagination. I don't believe it for a second.

We could go into any classroom or playground in the world and ask any kid to imagine something and they would immediately set to work drawing it or fashioning it as a sculpture. With only a little encouragement the creations would be out there in an instant.

One of our assignments in our workshops is for each attendee to create a three dimensional bug on a leaf. Once we get them past the initial fear or apprehension everyone (without exception) does fabulous and in the process they create some pretty wild and creative things. It is a fun process that unlocks creative thinking.

Last week we recieved a special request. An eleven year old son of a friend of Becke's had a special assignment in school. Each student in the class was studying an art form. Oden picked sculpting. His mother typed 'sculpting - Chilliwack' into GOOGLE and our name came up. We were happy to help. We gave Oden the same assignment we give to each of our workshop guests. Oden jumped at the chance and his imagination had no trouble shifting into overdrive. I helped him a little with the wire armature (under his watchfull art direction) and then he took the sculpture from there. His piece was amazing from the get-go and Oden worked very, very fast. The sculpting was done in two short visits.

Today Oden was back for another visit. We were busy in the shop with noisy tasks so he got a set of ear muffs (which he enjoyed) for protection. He quickly started his work, knowing exactly what he wanted. It wasn't long until the bug was colorful. His mom came back before he was done but he'll be back next week for more.

Oden passed the imagination test with flying colors. I'm looking forward to the finished project.

We all need to unleash our creativity more often and without reservation. Kids have a lot to teach us.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment