I saw the next feature

I love to tell a good story and one of the ways is to do it visually. If the story is based on fact it becomes much more believable. In the case of WhistlePunk Adventure Golf I did my homework. Each of the features was based on research and historical photographs. We designed the features to be 'passively interactive'. This means our guests will be able to role play and pose with the features. Hopefully this will allow them to get great photos as a rememberance of their time there and also to share with friends and family. After playing a round of golf with their family it is also my hope that they will also be a little more knowledgeable about the way logging was done in the good old days.

One of the features the guests will encounter as they play a round of golf is a giant forked log to play their ball into. On the top of the log an old whipsaw is part way through. Obviously we couldn't use a real whipsaw for safety reasons. Instead we had our friends at Clearbrook Iron to cut us a sturdy saw shape from half inch thick plate steel. A special thanks to Neil Schellenburg for rushing it through so fast! it looks GREAT! The teeth of the saw are rounded to keep things safe. We'll weld a handle to both ends. Welded firmly into the structure, our guests can tug on the saw all day long for years, without budging it an inch.

I'll bet this feature gets a real workout.

-grampa dan