Drifting along

Today we spent some time at the beach. The day was cool, bright but overcast - perfect for what I had in mind. I was taking pictures of driftwood. The pictures will be used as bitmaps to create textures within our routing software and then sent to our computer controlled router to create dramatic woodgrain patterns in our projects. It is a cool process but one that requires very specific information and files to work as I imagine.

The photos I snapped today will have to be modified and tweaked substancially to get the results I desire on the CNC router but I got almost five hundred great pictures to start with. I'll be sorting through and only picking the very best. Here's a small sampling of the bunch.

The resulting files will be used in our own work of course but also offered to others (for sale) as a new collection of Texture MAGIC bitmaps to use on their routing projects. Stay tuned to see the results...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment