Steam donkey delivery

Today was a wonderful day for a drive. It was also the day we were to deliver the steam donkey to WhistlePunk Hollow Adventure Golf. Today was also the day they were to pour the pool and most of the greens surfaces. It was an exciting day all around.

Before we left we tightened all of the tie downs on the trailer and checked everything twice. This was a heavy load after all. The load was perfectly balanced and everything looked great. Big Matt would ride shotgun this trip.

Because the load was heavy I kept speeds on the freeway under 90 KPH (55 MPH). Better safe than sorry. The weather was perfect, the sun shining bright. Traffic was light and the scenery spectacular.

We arrived safe and sound. The concrete crew were busy on the last of the pond and three remaining holes that were ready for concrete. The guys did a great job! It is looking very much like an adventure golf now!


While they finished their work I laid out the final lines for the walkways around the greens. In the next days Janice, Jeff and crew will do the final grading and start the forming for the stamped concrete walkways.

Once the cocrete trucks and pumper were finished it was time to unload and place the steam donkey. Big Matt and I hooked it up with Jeff at the controls of the giant excavator. This piece was heavier than the the steam engine and log car but it lifted cleanly.

Once the steam donkey was in place it was time to lift the cone and smokestack and set then into place.

The feature looked totally at home.

Now Jeff and Janice along with their hard working crew have their work cut out for them. I'll be back with another load of the tree and stump features early next week. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan