Hello, my name is dan

Anyone who has participated in a trade show as a vender understands just how long days working there can be. The international Sign Association show is massive with about a thousand venders and more than twenty thousand guests over the three day show. My job is to do a slide show presentation and talk about the many projects we do using our MultiCam CNC router. I do (almost) the same presentation time after time through the day, as well as answer endless questions about how we do our work. As a bonus so many people I have bumped into along my journey through the years drop by to say hi and catch up on things since our last visit.

Here's a shot of me doing a presentation. Fortunately I am miked up with an amplifier so I do not have to speak loudly over the din of the convention.

Occasionally through the day I get to sneak away and see a bit of the vast trade show. Along the way I stopped in at the Coastal Enterprises (Precision Board) to visit my friends and see the little truck we built for them on display.

Two long days are now behind us...  one more to go!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment