Two full days in one...

Today was busy from the time I unlocked the shop doors - right until I locked them again a little after 11:00 pm. We encourage our workshop guests to arrive a little early - actually the day before the workshops officially begin. But before our guests were to arrive in the late afternoon we decided we could squeeze in a full day's work - just for fun.

Peter and big Matt started in on the steam donkey log skids, mudding them before lunch with the sculpting starting just after. By afternoon coffee they were done and looking fine.

With a little help from our early comers we decided to go one step more and apply the fiberglass reinforced concrete to the logging truck log as well. All hands worked hard to polish that off before 5:00. We'll let it all cure until next week but we are now down to paint on these two major features.

By that time all of our guests had arrived. Everyone was eager to get started on the hands-on portion of the workshop. I gave some basic instructions to the group and they were off. It was with great reluctance they stopped (after a lot of coaxing) for a quick pizza supper. Then it was back to work once more...

The group worked hard until just before 11:00 pm. It amazes me how the same assignment (in this case sculpt a dinosaur head) can produce such imaginative results with each one so different from the rest. It happens with every workshop. I'll be posting more pictures tomorrow and through the weekend of our progress.

Another Sculpting MAGIC Workshop is under way!

-grampa dan

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