Ready set... relax - just a bit

Today the crew was busy getting the place and shop ready for the Sculpting MAGIC Workshop. They also spent a good portion of the day working on the features for WhistlePunk Hollow. Aside from organizing the crew I decided to tak one day off - just a little, and act as tour guide for three of our out of town guests. We headed up the Fraser Canyon to Hell's Gate for a tram ride over the river. Sadly, the attraction was closed for three more days before the tourist season officially begins. Plan 'B' was to head to the Othello Tunnels. Built at the beginning of the 1900's as part of the Kettle Valley Railroad, the tunnels are a marvel of engineering. But they too were closed due to dangerous rockfalls. I did grab a great shot over the fence at the entrance.

We still enjoyed the hike and scenic views along the way.

Then we headed up to the summit of the Cocahalla to see some snow. At the 4,000 foot level there was still a fair amoint of snow. The mountain scenery was spectacular along the entire way.

We even stopped to take a few pics of the giant duck we built a few years ago - just for fun.

Then it was back to the shop to get busy once more. The rest of our guests arrive tomorrow.

-grampa dan

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