Heavy metal start

The steam donkey feature is progressing nicely. The process first involves building up the structural pencil rod framework around which we will sculpt the detailed but 'cartoonized' heavy metal. I'm using some great historical photographs as reference but still taking some liberty to get the final image I desire.

The pencil rod weld is kind of like a wire frame computer model but done all freehand, slowly building up the pieces. It is fun and challenging work that requires me to visualize the finished product as I work. Everything I'm doing now will be tucked inside and hidden when we are done.

This is going to be a difficult piece to attach the wire lath to and then apply the fiberglass reinforced concrete. But as always, the tougher we seem the make this stage the cooler the detail when we are done.

This is going to be a fun piece to watch as it comes together.

-grampa dan