Last routed piece for train

Today we routed the last pieces for the train. The 'wooden' door panels that sport the numbers, the headlight rings, the front number plate and one other special piece were on today's list. The front number plate showcases the name of the railroad as well as the number two. Why a two? It's my way of signing this piece for I am the second child of four in our family.

The last special piece will be mounted to the back of the locomotive on the water tank. Not many may notice it except those who know it's there or those who really take the time to look. Most steam engines aquired a name from those who ran them. This one will be no different. This little Shay locomotive will carry the moniker 'Corrina' in honor of my great niece. I want a happy place to remember this little girl and with her family's blessing it will be here.

Tomorrow the last of the assembly and painting on the little engine will be done.

-grampa dan